Staining Methods of Wooden Display Cabinets

The mostly used material in the production of the display cabinets is wood, the relatively common ones are also wooden display cabinets. Generally, the surface treatment should be carried out after the wooden display cabinets are preliminarily well, the saying goes, clothes make the man, the display cabinets will look high-grade if done well. The surface treatment of wood showcase is designed to beautify the texture, make the color uniform, so that it will look better, and can also facilitate the maintenance.

Wooden display cabinets’ staining methods can be divided into two ways including water color staining and wine color staining. Water color dye is an aqueous solution, while the wine color dye is an alcohol solution. Water color staining is uniform, convenient to use, and the price is cheap, which are the advantages of the aqueous solution. It also has drawback, the drawback is that the water is easy to make the wood fluff, so it needs to do matting to avoid this phenomenon. You’d better configure acid dyes for water color.

As for the configuration of the wine color solution, you should preferably use alcohol-soluble salt dyes. The wine color staining uses alcohol as alcohol solvents, and we all know that alcohol is a liquid which is likely to be volatile. It will not wet the wood, and can also avoid the wood surface’s fluff phenomenon problems of water color dyes. There is also another advantage, it has bright color, of course, there are also disadvantages, that is, the unevenness gradation.

If you use wine color staining, the recommended configuration is six percent alcohol solution dye, seventy percent alcohol, twenty-four percent shellac. Uniformly deploy them in accordance with the proportion, during the deployment, you’d better not use metal containers, use glass containers or ceramic containers instead, it can prevent it from reacting with the metal container to affect the true colors.

Wooden cabinet’s staining can divided into the above two methods, we have talked about the merits and demerits of the two staining methods, and then you can select the appropriate method based on your actual needs.

How to choose a mobile phone counter

There are many different types of phone counters, more and more businesses planning all kinds of tricks publicity, from the color to the material, from the shape to the style, buyers have many choices, when buying a phone counter, but with so many merchants hype phrases, the buyer will lose direction in the end, what style, what kind of material is good?

When choosing a phone counter, you should to make sure your needs, what kind of counters do you need, and how to use the counter to show us the goods, for example, the décor of your store is elegant, but the counter color you bought is brown or black, this is clearly inappropriate, it does not match the tone and the entire store.

While arranging phone counters just like arrangement of a scene, your phone inside the phone counter is act as the protagonist of the scene, two scenes in the same counters can be connected, for example, the same phone with two different colors can be placed in two different scenes which will have good effects.

The price of phones at a luxury area is not low, of course, their profits are high two. No less, so, it is worth to spend much money on arrangement of the counter

The quality of phone counter is also one of the most standards to consider, the counter is a platform to demonstrate, they must should withstand the sun and rain and get away with it. only buy a good quality phone counter, can it meet your requirements.

With the advent of high-end products, consumers are more willing precursor to use products, after they use, they will have more strongly desire to purchase. So that, when choosing a perfect phone counter, you can also have a before buying experience, by using it, it is easy for you to identify whether it is good or not.

Where to buy a good display cabinet
How to put display cabinets
How to identify the quality of store shelves

Where to buy a good display cabinet

A display cabinet is a cabinet with one or often more transparent glass or plastic, normally acrylic for strength sides and/or top, used to display objects for viewing. Often labels and/or prices are included with the displayed objects, providing information.

Display cabinets are widely used by various places, for example, they are used in a museum, retails, supermarket, exhibition, home and so on. And in a museum, display cases are normally part of the museum’s collection. In retail, the objects are normally being offered for sale. As they are so widely used, almost everyone need to use a display cabinet, buying a good display cabinet is necessary. Where do you buy a good display cabinet? Here I have some suggestions for you to buy some good display cabinets.

You local display cases industry
As it is in the place where you grow up, if there is any display case industry there, you must know if there is a good industry and how about the quality of the products. If do not know, you can also go to the industry and learn. It will be very easy for you. After you learning whether they are good, you can decide whether to buy.

Buy online
Nowadays, there are more and more people buying things online, if you can not buy a good display cabinet at your local place, you can turn to the internet. There are different kinds of display cabinets all over the world you can find, but notice that there is a quality guarantee when buying them online. Besides, you should also pay attention to the shipment types, make sure they shop owner can ship your goods safety to you.

I am a retail store owner and I do have bought some display cabinets online. And I find a good online seller of display cabinets, that is jianmeilai display products co., ltd. I can find many different kinds of display cabinets on that page, they can also custom for me. They have good service attitude, from my point of view, it is one of the best place to buy display cabinets. If you happened to buy some display cases, you can go to jianmeilai and find some perfect.

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How to identify the quality of store shelves

How to put display cabinets

How to put display cabinets directly affect customers into your store, so, when place display cabinets you should note some details.

We should not only attract customers go into your store but also need keep them stayed around your display cabinets, thus, you have more chance to introduce your products to customers. Customers themselves can have more time to learn about the merchandise.

So when place display cabinets, it is important to make the customer shopping naturally, and walk to the place where you want them go to, and that is the so-called customer flow line control. Besides, you should let customers learn the merchandise location, thus, it is easy for them to buy goods. Last but the most important, you must let the customers have a good shopping experience so that they will go back to your store.

Note: the merchandise displayed is able to attract customers, correct display your goods. What is more, display your goods variety of forms, lighting, advertising is also very important.

Now that you have chosen to let customers stay, so that you want they will buy products you displayed, so, the principle of displaying cabinets is to facilitate customers to see, easy for customer to select. Psychology based on the customer’s purchase, before customers make a decision they must touch the products, this requires when display the products, sellers also should consider the shape of the goods on display and in line with the development of customer visual display appliances. In addition, in order to attract customers to buy your goods, you need to notice whether the theme of the location of goods is prominent. New merchandise, goods on sales should be displayed in the front of customers.

How to identify the quality of store shelves

How to identify the store shelves’ quality is a very important part of an industry, this will directly affect the effectiveness of a retail store, how to identify it good or bad? Generally speaking, we can distinguish from the following three aspects.

1. The shelf material, the best shelf material should be SS400, china does not have a set of strict and complete shelf industry standard, so, it is important to choose a good shelf material when buying store shelves.

2. Structure of the shelves, shelves post to see section bending is much and uniform, the more symmetrical the better the structure is. Shelf beams hanging depends linked structure and the beams of the beams to the column in the form of: it is better to have more hooks on the beam, with more hooks, it can bear more stress.

3. Shelves surface, the surface of shelves should be uniform and strong adhesion. To see the pain on the surface of shelves, you should observe the whether there are omissions in the hole inside edge of shelves. It is good if there are no omissions. You can check with a hard object tapping, if such surface treatment is easy to fall off indicates that the shelves can easily rust.

By knowing these three tips on how to tell the quality of store shelves, you can buy the perfect shelves for your stores now.

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Easy tips for stocking store shelves

It is important for how you display your merchandises. The most important part of stocking store shelves is making sure you are stocking what people want to buy. Once you have what will sell, keeping your shelves well-stocked and organized is essential to a properly run grocery store. Here are some tips for stocking store shelves.

Always use shelf units that are powerful and strong enough to hold the weight of the merchandise that is to be utilized, if a shelf were ever to fall or to collapse, very dangerous reactions could occur.

Bring your stock to the shelves. Running to and from the back room to the sales floor takes up valuable time and is a lot of work. You can be more efficient with the stock right there on the floor.

Additionally, stocking items will save you money on parts. If you have to replace a part that you normally have in stock, you may pay $50 for a $5 part. Your customers will benefit most from your preparedness. They don’t want their job to wait because your equipment breaks down, and, frankly, they shouldn’t have to.

Rotate your stock. Place older items in the front and newer items in the back to prevent product waste. You have to discard and take a loss on anything that expires; selling it before the expiry date prevents that.

When handling retail stocking task always remember that there exists a couple of tools that might make the hob so much easier to complete. The first tool we should cover either a price gun or even just a marker that you can use to apply the prices to the merchandise with. The second tool we can use is a box cutter device for gaining access to new merchandise as quickly as possible

Once the display is finished, add appropriate signage. Take photos of the display and keep record of the product sales during the display’s existence. Save your information in a file folder for easy reference. By documenting its success, you can re-create the display next year or if it flops, you can make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

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Useful tips for buying display shelves

Display shelves are important for retail stores and market, they are usually used to display merchandises to customers. But there are all kinds of display shelves in the market, how to choose the perfect for your store? Here are some tips for buying display stands.

First of all, you should know about the different types of display shelves and learn about their functions as well as features. Then, choose different display shelves according to your special needs or merchandises. For example, if you want to choose a display stands for kitchens and bathrooms, then it is a good choice to choose display shelves that are made of melamine-faced board. Metal shelves are usually bought in freestanding kit form to use in garages, greenhouses, and sheds ranging from lightweight to heavy-duty shelving units. Industrial-style galvanized metal shelf designed for heavy-duty garages and workshops won’ rust and can hold a lot of weight.

Secondly, you should think about the durability. If you’re going to be spending a substantial amount of money on your shelving you will want it to last you for a long time. If your shelving is wooden for example, you will need to make sure it is able to withstand elements such as moisture that it may come into contact with.

Finally, you need to consider the functionality.If you are selling or storing fragile items you will need to ensure that your display shelving allows you to do so safely to avoid any potential damage. This means opting for sturdy shelving units that won’t wobble if slightly knocked or worse – fall over. If items are heavy your shelves will need to be able to withstand their weight and not give way.

When to comes to buy display shelves, you can buy on your local place, you can also buy online. Many good companies sell retail display racks, display cases and shelves. Browse their Web sites for ideas; many also have a shopping cart where you can buy what you like online.

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Five standards of jewelry display cabinets

People all said that jewelry display cases are important for increase your sales, that is right. So, if are a jewelry display designer or if you are going to buy some jewelry display showcase, you should follow this standards. There are five standards of jewelry display cabinets.

1. Creative standards
Jewelry is a luxury product, it is also a work of art. So, it must contain creative. With some creative jewelry display showcase, you can attract many buyers to your jewelry store.

2. Cultural standards
The design should highlight the style and taste, including geographical and nationality and cultural traditions should be natural performance. Reflect the historical inheritance under development root characteristics.

3. Integrity standards
Integration and unification, is the primary criterion of the art show. Unified form of unified color, craft a unified style uniform.

4. The industry standard
This standard can also be called the functional criteria. Stresses the unity of form and content. You should learn about the industry standard and then produce the jewelry showcase according to industry standard.

5. Times standards
It can also called conceptual standards. The concept of time soak into every cell of the design of display stands.

So, if you are going to design a jewelry display cases, you can follow and observe those useful standards.

Mistakes most people make when maintenance display case

Display cases can be seen everywhere, they are widely used in our daily life. But do you know how to maintenance them? after using a period of time, it is necessary to take good care of them, if you do not know the right way to maintenance them, you will damage them and release the usage life of them. There are some mistakes people make when maintenance display case.

1.Scrub display cabinets with a rag. This habit is a wrong method the vast majority of people are used to maintenance showcase. Because the dust is formed by the fiber, sand and silica, scrub the surface of the display cabinets with a rag will damage the paint on the surface of display cabinets so this is a bad way to maintenance and clean display cabinet.

2. Use coarse cloth to clean display cabinets. Because the coarse lint and the dust above the display cabinets will produce friction which will damage the paint on display showcase. After a period of time, the surface will be scratches, thus, display cabinet surface loses luster.

3. Clean display cabinets with subs or cleanser essence, which will damage the surface of the display cabinets, if your display cabinet surface is light paint, use subs or cleanser essence to clean your display cabinets will make the surface of display cabinets becomes dark. Besides, it will make the emergence of phenomena such as display cabinets cracked.

4. Play the display cabinets under the sun after clean. This a mistake, the best way is do not use to much water when cleaning display showcase, let they dry natural. Some display cabinets affixed to the skin, rub with a wet cloth and then exposure on the sun, may result in the display cabinet shape aliasing, or joints cracked, or affixed to the skin falling because of display cabinets wood inside the water suddenly out in the sun, the water suddenly reduced, the wood dries out, resulting in display cabinets aliasing which appear some columns situation.

So, it is necessary to clean your display cabinets regularly, but do not use wrong way to clean them, or they may be damaged by you.

What’s the difference between acrylic board and plexiglass

When talk about plexiglass, it is estimated that we all very strange, just like me, I do not know the word before I known it. the function of plexiglass is great. But what is the relationship of acrylic and plexiglass? What is the difference between the two?


The casting plate molecular weight of acrylic is very high, and is more rigid and crack. Acrylic panels are ideal for making large size of labels. Plexiglass is classified into pure transparent plate, color transparent plate, semipermeable Ming plate and opaque panels, acrylic is a new material which is suitable for making sanitary, it a special plexiglass, it also has a relatively good purpose  is making aircraft windshield. The features of acrylic is that: good toughness, not easydamaged; repair strong, so it is ideal material for basin and toilet, they are durable.


Besides, acrylic has environmental effects. This material first appeared in the United States, these substitutes are also known as “acrylic”, in fact, they are just ordinary the organic board or composite board. Ordinary organic board material plus ordinary plexiglass cracking pigment casting, low surface hardness, easy to fade, sanding with fine emery polishing effect Poor.