Top 3 iPod touch cases for 2012

Like iPhone, the iPod touch is very popular among people nowadays, to protect their ipod touch or to make their touch looks more beautiful, they usually buy a case for their touch, but ipod touch cases come in a variety of styles to fit your personality. When choosing a case for your iPod touch, be mindful that different designs offer limited to maximum protection against accidental drops or scratches. So, in the following text, I list the most popular ipod touch cases of 2012.

Barely There Cases By Case-Mate

As the name indicates, the Barely There cases offers full protection without hiding the pretty contours of your iPod. The hard plastic case also comes with a screen protector and the case snaps on in seconds.

Incipio iPod Touch 4 Cases

This is case is perfect for kids and teenagers because of its fun and unique design, as well as “gamers” – because of its increased grip capabilities. The Incipio Hive for iPod touch 4G is a serious value with the average price tag being around $20- but you can find it at a few online stores for as low as $17.99!

Topo Frame Case By incase

Fun and quirky, the Topo case has the durability of a hardshell plastic case. The funky patterns have their own charm too and the bright colors may be a hit with the fairer sex. And I think girls will like this case more.

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